Talent strategy is the key to keep the industry leading.

We require every manager to become the "first personnel manager", "first training manager", actively creating opportunities and stage for the development of staff and becoming a talent scout;

We encourage every employee to be " company's development master, the self-development designer", actively acquiring new knowledge, striving to display self-worth, and developing with the company.

Talent Training and Development
Graduates Training
Talent Training and Development
Multi-culture, steady improvement
Working partner system
In-service excellent staff providing guidance and assistance to new employees ,helping them to adjust their status to fit into the company.
Training Courses
We offer a full range of required, elective courses in core competencies, management tools and expertises.
Knowledge sharing
We promote knowledge sharing throughout the company by encouraging our employees to summarize and share lessons, experts teaches professional knowledge and experience and senior staff teach new employees.
Performance communication
We encourage leaders to have a two-way communicate with employees on work objectives, phased work and results periodically and aperiodically
Internal recruitment system
Employees can apply for internal recruitment positions with the personal development plan
Leadership development
Employees can apply for internal recruitment positions with the personal development plan
Dual-channel, multi-Step development path
Fair competition and personalized growth
Post promotion
Staff can select experts / technicians or managers according to their personal interests, speciality and development planning to be continuously promoted.
Management position internal recruitment / selection
We encourage talented employees with management talent and management will to take management positions through internal recruitment / selection approaches
Expert / technician review
Excellent staff with outstanding professional skills and professional development will be able to achieve self-career planning through a complete and fair expert / technician review system