Concept Car

Our innovation team engaged in research and development of advanced technologies including autonomous
driving and lightweight solutions, providing superior on-board experiences to all users.

XiM 20

Approaching this next iteration of the XiM demonstrator,

we knew it was critical to evaluate users’ wants and needs within the vehicle

and outside of the mobility context. The insights gleaned from our research defined

what impacts consumers’ quality of life and what creates memorable, engaging experiences.

With the XiM20, advanced technologies and product innovations complement intuitive design,

providing flexibility and comfort for the autonomous rideshare passengers of tomorrow.”


Yanfeng made a detailed interpretation of the future smart cabin.

By classifying the application scenarios of the automotive intelligent connectivity and subdivided each type of scene,

we identified about 70 core functional points related to the future smart cabin, and finally passed with 21 major products to realize.

Yanfeng Smart cabin 1.0 realizes the practical application of some products

and explores the all-round implementation in the next generation of smart cabin.


In today’s automobiles, your primary activity is driving. However, you

will be pleasantly surprised at how driving will become a more enjoyable

activity. We are transforming the interior into a new living space that is

both emotional and functional – a space where you can work, relax,

entertain yourself and interact with family, friends and business associates.

Welcome to your next home, office, leisure space… and even more.

We invite you to explore the YF17 demonstrator and see the future of

automotive travel.


Our expert team is committed to the development of autonomous

driving and other innovative technologies, and presents cutting-edge

automotive technological achievements to clients. Our ID16 innovation

vehicle bringing together more than 30 innovative technologies,

most of which have been put into market application, and the rest of

series of forward-looking new concepts are constantly being developed .

Autonomous driving is creating new opportunities for innovation.

Innovation and exploration, we will continue to move forward.


Integrated design

brings new changes

Ms. Li’s

Focusing on the future of

female’s driving life


Designed for China's new

generation of fashion

sports car lovers


Autonomous driving is

changing tomorrow’s life

in the car