Yanfeng accelerates globalization and concludes a package agreement with Adient
leverage all wholly-owned global interior platforms and resources, promote the globalization of other core businesses and achieve comprehensive development in an all-round way
Yanfeng and Woodbridge Form a New Joint Venture for Asia Pacific
Shanghai, PRC, Mississauga, Canada [December 25th, 2018] – Yanfeng and Woodbridge are pleased to announce a new joint venture taking effect on December 24th, 2018.
Our attentive future moving space with NIO
Be thoughtful, exploratory and practical. Creating Future Moving Styles. We have always been on the way hand in hand.
Yanfeng’s Technology Exhibition at PATAC
On September 6th, being kindly invited by Mr.Liu Qiming, executive vice-president at PATAC, Yanfeng’s team went to the engineering building in PATAC’s new technology park for the first time.
Yanfeng Strongly Supports BMW X3
The new BMW X3 comes into full play with its outstanding performance and comprehensive security guarantee. Yanfeng supports it with various products to meet the overall expectations.
Yanfeng strongly supports Roewe RX8
Along with the Beijing Auto Show, SAIC MOTOR self brand,7 seats luxury SUV, Roewe RX8 was unveiled to the market with a great momentum. This model has the luxury configuration of proud peers and many intelligent leading humanization technologies. This time, Yanfeng worked closely with SAIC passenger cars to create an extremely powerful driving experience.
First Yanfeng Automotive Interior Design Competition Successfully Ended.
On March 3rd, the first Yanfeng automotive interior design competition, which was based on the theme of "speed and innovation", successfully ended at Yanfeng headquarters. 4 of the 8 entries in the final were distinguished from the best interior, best seating, best innovation and best color material award.
Automotive Seating Supplier Yanfeng Adient Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary
Yanfeng Adient Seating Co., Ltd. (YFAS), China’s largest automotive seating supplier, held a grand ceremony to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary in Shanghai, the city where the YFAS headquarters is situated. The ceremony, being an important part of YFAS full-year themed tour around China, lifts the celebration to a new height.
Yanfeng Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreements with BAIC Group and Beijing Automotive Respectively, to Enhance Cooperation in Automotive Interior Space and Automatic Driving.
Recently, Yanfeng signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BAIC Group and BAIC Motor in Beijing to achieve strategic cooperation on the automotive interior space and the field of auto - driving related interior and exterior.
Yanfeng Ranked Fourteenth In the 2017 Global Top 100 Automotive Suppliers List.
Key hint: in the 2017 global top 100 automotive suppliers list, Yanfeng ranked fourteenth by 86.4 billion RMB (12.9 billion US dollars) in 2016, raised 4 positions compared with last year, and refreshed the best record again.
Yanfeng and BASF Use Polyurethane Synthetic Leather to Improve the Air Quality Inside the Car.
CHINAPLAS 2017 : Yanfeng and BASF use Haptex polyurethane to improve the quality of air in the automotive.
Headed by Innovation Car YF17, Yanfeng Will Bring A Lot New Products to Shanghai Auto Show for the First Time.
Yanfeng's new generation of innovation automotive YF17, which will be unveiled at the 2017 Shanghai auto show, has been integrated with up to 41 innovative technologies by many engineers, making the car not only a automotive in the future, but also a living space that can be used to work, relax and entertain. In addition, at the auto show, Yanfeng will also focus on a number of innovative products covering the above five major business sectors for the first time and provide solid technical support for the future automotive industry development.
Yanfeng "YF17" First Hit the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show: Four Driving Modes Exposed
YF17 will continue the four driving modes of XiM17, that is, driving mode, family mode, meeting mode and exclusive mode, and will apply a total of 41 innovative technologies, such as interactive appearance and intelligent gesture control system, to the automotive.
Yanfeng Sales Breaks 100 Billion in 2016, Participating In the North American Auto Show Highlights the Globalization.
According to the preliminary statistics, in the past year, the revenue of Yanfeng were 117.8 billion RMB. It was the first time to break through hundreds of billions of customs, which was close to 30% in 2015.
SGM Has Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Yanfeng, the Two Sides Want to Further Strengthen the Cooperation of Compact Automotive Interior Field.
On October 12th, under the background of project globalization, SAIC and Yanfeng signed a strategic cooperation agreement on GEM project. The GEM project integrates SAIC GM and GM's global compact model platforms. The target market involves a number of emerging markets including China, Brazil and Mexico. The global annual output of the corresponding models is close to 2 million, and the SGM Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center is the global development center (Homeroom). According to this agreement, Yanfeng will support IP, door interior panel, seat, steering wheel and air bag to many models of the SGM GEM project, and assist the Pan Asian technology center to develop the product global project.
Yanfeng and KOSTAL Jointly Research and Develop Intelligent Innovative Automotive Interior
On September 27th, Yanfeng's Yanfeng automobile interior and KOSTAL jointly announced the establishment of a strategic partnership, and the CEO signed an agreement on the intelligent interior display panel. Under the new strategic partnership, the two sides are committed to embedding the HMI control system in the high quality display and making it a trend.
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