Lightweight Solution
We offer a full range of automotive seating solutions from complete seat to its components.
Our professional team has the full capability from engineering development to manufacturing,
covering every aspect of the seating field.
Complete Seats
We have a complete product line,from simple two-way seats to power eighteen-way seats. We have a wealth experience of just-in-time delivery. We have extensive experience in seat development and design. We work with automotive manufacturers to provide innovative seats for consumers.
Our proven modular frame can be ideally applied to cross-vehicle types and platforms that meet different weight targets. While achieving weight loss, technical risk and development period can be minimized.
Our modular tracks have lower mass, increased performance and enhanced product stability. Adjusters portfolio ensures safety and comfort while supporting modularity for application across all vehicle segments. Modular recliners provides customer-specific solutions for both front and rear seats for every segment. We offers secure locking for different load classes to enable a high degree of occupant protection. Multiple release options and low actuation torque enable intuitive and smooth operation.
We commit to developing advanced polyurethane chemistry specially formulated to reduce all forms of volatile organic compound. We’d like to produce more environmental protection and healthy foam.Integrating comfort expertise to supply seating comfort solutions that are tailored to your comfort DNA. We provide solutions to consumers in all regions and offer exporting to our customer everywhere.
We utilizes leading technology and experience to achieve your head restraint requirements for safety, comfort, styling and sustainability.
Our experience in all aspects of the design, engineering and manufacture of seats, our global footprint and trim innovations allow us to work with customers from the early design stage, providing differentiating seat styling fulfilling the highest standards of craftsmanship.
Our expertise in fabric design combined with the application of innovative processes and technologies allows us to provide solutions for visual differentiation, comfort, touch and sustainability that maximize your end-consumer value.