XiM 20
Experience the Mobile Living Space Of the Future 

Approaching this next iteration of the XiM demonstrator, we knew
it was critical to evaluate users’wants and needs within the vehicle
and outside of the mobility context.The insights gleaned from our research
defined what impacts consumers’quality of life and what creates memorable,
engaging experiences. With the XiM20, advanced technologies and product
innovations complement intuitive design, providing flexibility and comfort for
the autonomous rideshare passengers of tomorrow.”

The XiM20 interior is designed to enable the use of two distinct zones:
the bright, airy front of the demonstrator and the more cocoon-like rear, offering lounge seating and privacy.

The front area is an observation space, offering comfortable, functional seating with an uninterrupted 180 degree view through the curved windshield.
This zone is reminiscent of a cafe or coffee house bar, pressed up against a glass window to allow passengers
to feel connected to the world around them while enjoying their journey.

In comparison, the rear zone offers secluded comfort where passengers can retreat from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives.
The space mimics the cozy atmosphere of a booth, with a soft fabric surrounding and technology integrations designed
to complement passengers’ moods and preferences.

Active Cast Lighting
dynamic ambient lighting which mimics the play of light as it reflects and refracts in natural environments;