In today’s automobiles, your primary activity is driving. However, you

will be pleasantly surprised at how driving will become a more enjoyable

activity. We are transforming the interior into a new living space that is

both emotional and functional – a space where you can work, relax,

entertain yourself and interact with family, friends and business associates.

Welcome to your next home, office, leisure space… and even more.

Driving Mode
Family Mode
Face-to-Face Mode
Lounge Mode

Technologies for autonomous driving are evolving,

so you still have to drive most of the time. We have

created features, amenities and personalized

experiences to help you pass that time more

enjoyably, while making your trip safer and easier.

Safety is always a priority for you and for us.

Therefore, we developed the invisible A pillar that

lets drivers easily see pedestrians and other vehicles.

Our interactive exterior solution provides road traffic

and safety information for more protection of drivers

and pedestrians. Inside the vehicle, we position all

manual driving-related controls on the overhead

console and collapsible steering wheel – within easy

reach of the driver. Our choice of genuine stylish

wood surfaces and leather trim add a touch of

elegance, which makes your interior look and feel

more luxurious, enjoyable and comfortable.

"When your vehicle is autonomously driven, not only

are your hands freed, but also are your mind and

mood. We turn the interior into a comfortable and

functional living room on wheels. The hub of this

mobile living room is the floor console – with controls

for key interior functions, plus ample and easily-

accessible,for personal items. We even provide handy

fold-out tray tables with good ergonomics which

occupants can use for using laptops, tablets and

gaming controllers.

Just as you do, we value your family’s safety above

anything else.So we apply a roof-mounted airbag to

protect passengers even when the steering wheel is

hidden in autonomous driving mode. Free of safety

concerns, you can connect on-line or on Skype with

family and friends to share your experiences.

Traffic jams makes your busy life busier. This urges us to think

of ways to relieve your anxiety during it, and better utilize your

time on the road. We turn the vehicle interior into an office on

wheels. You can easily get your work done in it. You can fold

the rear seats away so you can slide your front seat to the back

and your seated passenger can swivel 180 degrees. So you can

face each other and converse, work together.Floor console and

door panels contain smart interior surfaces with intuitive controls

of lighting, temperature and other interior functions – all easily

reachable. As a result, you can enjoy a more comfortable and

enjoyable experience for work and meetings on the go.

In the digital age, we are overloaded with information.

So we are in desperate need of independent time and

space to think, task and relax. So we create an ideal

interior environment. In this new personalized interior

space, you can work or take a relaxing ride while your

vehicle runs autonomously. The floor console moves

with the seat, putting controls within easy reach at all

times. Application of gestural control enables smart

control of the interior environment. By simply waving

your hand in front of the vent, you can redirect the

air flow for maximum comfort. A large overhead

screen acts like a sunroof, ambient lighting creates a

comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Whether working

or relaxing, you can enjoy the environment.

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